SOA: CIA Ex Machina

The episode started off pretty cool.  I had no clue how Sutter was going to get the club out of the RICO mess, but then he reveals that the CIA is working with the cartel.  No more RICO case.  Nice and easy.

Then, Romeo informs Jax of all this.  He says that if the club does not help the cartel get the guns from the Irish, then they will allow the Feds to take SAMCRO down.  The Irish only want to deal with Clay, so therefore, Jax has to allow him to live.

Jax does visit with Clay and gives him the lowdown on what will happen.  He will step down as president and he will make sure the Irish are happy.

After that, the episode goes downhill.  There is a good amount of talking and tidying up of small plot lines.  The season ends with Jax sitting at the head of the table,  Chibbs as his Sgt. at Arms, and Opie not showing up.  Tara shows up to lend her support and Gemma sees them together and thinks of herself and JT.

The best part aside from the way Jax threatens Clay, was learning that the girl that Tig ran over, was the daughter of some major player.  I am guessing this guy must be the big boss of the Niners.  He will be an O.G.  I am guessing that will be a major story for next season.

I look forward to next season.  Or at least for the start of Justified