What I Got Everyone For Christmas…A Secret Code

I figured this would be a little fun.  I am going to write everything I got people for Christmas.  Unfortunately it will all be in code, so if you really want to know what you are getting, you will have to try and decipher this code…Good luck!

Bu lbh fvyyl crbcyr.  Qb lbh ernyyl guvax V jbhyq or sbbyvfu rabhtu gb gryy lbh jung lbh ner trggvat sebz zr sbe Puevfgznf.  V bayl ubcr gung fbzr bs lbh ner ng yrnfg gelvat gb svther guvf bhg.  Whfg gb znxr vg vagrerfgvat, V jvyy ng yrnfg tvir lbh fbzr uvagf.

Nqnz:  Abg n yhzc bs pbny
Yvaqfrl:  Qrsvavgryl abg wrjryel
Zbz:  Abg n arj pne, abe n gevc gb Nezravn

Nyfb, whfg gb guebj fbzr bs lbh bss n yvggyr zber, V nz abj tbvat gb yvfg fbzr enaqbz jbeqf:

Qna Olyfzn

2 thoughts on “What I Got Everyone For Christmas…A Secret Code

  1. Oh you silly people. Do you really think I would be foolish enough to tell you what you are getting from me for Christmas. I only hope that some of you are at least trying to figure this out. Just to make it interesting, I will at least give you some hints.

    Adam: Not a lump of coal
    Lindsey: Definitely not jewelry
    Mom: Not a new car, nor a trip to Armenia

    Also, just to throw some of you off a little more, I am now going to list some random words:

    Dan Bylsma

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