Wheel of Time Casting: Aes Sedai

Remember the first book?  How scary the Aes Sedai seemed?  They were all powerful and the most badass ladies in the world.  Then we met the Foresaken, and learned about how the Aes Sedai used to be insanely more powerful than these ones now.

Elaida a’Roihan
We first meet Elaida when Rand runs into her at the palace of Andor.  She was there as advisor to the queen.  She has some power with foretelling.  Throughout the first batch of books, you really think she could be one of the Black Ajah.  At one point, I was pretty much convinced of it.  She helped get rid of Siuan and make herself the Amyrlin Seat.

Unfortunately, it does not seem that she is Black Ajah.  She is just a misguided Red Ajah.  She hates men who can channel.  She does not want to usher in the Dragon Reborn.  She wants to control him, and most likely gentle him.

She is described as handsome and with a very fierce look.  Most guys would probably find her hot, but probably be very intimidated.

Diane Lane has that kind of look.  Hell, she looks pretty damn good in red.

Siuan Sanche
The Amyrlin Seat before Elaida decides to overthrow her.  She is helping Moraine with the whole Rand thing.  They want to find the Dragon Reborn and help guide him.  Eventually Siuan will use the rest of the Tower to help Rand.  Unfortunately all these plans fall through.

She is stilled and instead of just rolling over to die, she decides to exact revenge against Elaida.  She travels to the rebels and helps them.  Later she is healed by Nynaeve, but is not nearly as powerful.  My favorite thing about her is the way she embraces her roots as a fisherman’s daughter.  She always has these great sayings that involve fish.

As Amyrlin, she is attractive, but with an air of power.  After she is stilled, her body goes back to being young looking.  Most people do not even recognize her.  I think Jennifer Connelly would be perfect.  With some makeup, they could make her look different, aged.  Then afterwards she could go back to being the hottie.

Leane Sharif
Siuan’s Keeper, who is stilled during Elaida’s coup.  She escapes with Siuan and when they arrive at Salidar, they concoct a plan to get into their good graces.  They fight with each other and basically annoy everyone with their bickering until they see the good side of one of their arguments.

Before she is stilled, she must have dressed very plain.  Follows her job duty.  After she is stilled and her youthful looks return, she decides to embrace her Domani heritage.  She uses her flirting skills to get what she wants.  After she is healed, she becomes a member of the Green Ajah.

I decided that she had to be somewhat exoctic.  Bipasha Basu fits that description pretty well.  She could pull off the plain look and the extremely hot look.

Verin Mathwin
She is a member of the Brown Ajah, who shows up at odd times to help Rand and the rest of the guys.  I have said from the beginning that there is something suspicious about her.  She has pretty much encyclopedic knowledge of all things about the Dragon Reborn.

I always get the image of a plump woman, who must look like she has started to age, which takes a very long time for Aes Sedai.   In fact, I usually picture Kathy Bates for some reason.

She is a member of the Green Ajah, who is traveling with Verin looking for new girls in the Two Rivers region.  She helps Perrin when he defends the village.

Later she offers to heal Rand, and decides to bond him as her warder.  This pisses off Rand, and Alanna is actually fearful of him because of his threats.

As with most of the Green Ajah, she is pretty frisky.  She has a few warders already, but now Rand is able to keep tabs on her.  She has dark hair and is known for being a bit shy, but also has a huge temper.  Vanessa Marcil is perfect.  She can play that whole meek, sweet, quiet girl, who can explode and be ready to make most men pee their pants.

She is the Mistress of Novices.  Her job is dole out punishment and whatnot.  Later on she heads to Salidar.  She becomes the Keeper for Egwene and seems to want to guide her.

She has red hair.  Julianne Moore has red hair.  Seems to work for me.

Romanda Cassin
One of the Sitters in Salidar who is trying to control Egwene.  She has gray hair and she was one of the Yellow Ajah.

I do not know, maybe Sandra Bullock would be a good choice.  Just let her dye her hair.  I will not lie, her and Lelaine are important, but I have no interest in either of them.

Lelaine Akashi
One of the Blue Ajah and the other Sitter at Salidar that is trying to control Egwene.  Apparently, she and Romanda have had animosity towards each other for years.

Rachel Weisz would be perfect.  Since she is attractive.
Theodrin Dabei
This is one of the girls I like.  She tries to help Nynaeve with her block.  Apparently it is her task.  She was also a wilder and she broke her block.  She could only channel when she was in the presence of a guy she had a thing for.  They tricked her by having switching out a guy she liked with his twin sister and when she realized she channeled in front of her, she was able to channel.

Anyways, she later swears fealty to Egwene and is one of these Aes Sedai who might be leading the rest into a new direction.  If that makes sense.  Instead of Oath Rods and all that, they swear to Egwene and want what is good for the world.

I am guessing that she is very hot.  Anne Hathaway is perfect.  I have no real reason, just that I think she is hot.  Screw you.  My rules.

Faolain Orande

She was one of the ones you just hate at the beginning.  She is mean to Nynaeve because she is a wilder.  Later though, she becomes one of the ones that swears to Egwene.  She is described as attractive with curly, dark hair.  I think Michelle Trachtenberg is perfect.  She could pull off that bitchy, snarky youngster.  And she would look good doing it.
Cadsuane Melaidhrin
This lady is like the oldest Aes Sedai around.  She is a legend.  She has done everything.  She brags about having gentled more men than most of the Red Ajah.  She turns up now and works her way close to Rand.  He even runs into her with the rebels.

I have no clue what to think of her.  Anyways, Helen Mirren would probably be perfect for the role.

After the jump, here are some artist renderings of Elaida and Siuan…