2012: Taking Advantage of the Idiots

As I mentioned in a previous post, there is much I want to discuss concerning the end of the world.  Today we will look at the companies that take advantage of these people who believe in this sort of thing.  At first I thought these companies were terrible for preying on a person’s fear over the uncertainty.

Then as I started to think about it, I came to another conclusion:  good for these companies.  If someone is idiotic enough to believe the world will end in December, then you deserve to lose some money to a smart businessperson.

Home Security
The first company I heard about was Hardened Structures, which seems pretty cool when you start to look at some of their products.  Seriously, head over to the site and explore for a second.

If you go to the 2012 section, you will see that they offer plenty of protection for when the inevitable happens.  They discuss what might possibly happen and how they plan to protect you from it.  These are the things this amazing structure will protect you from:

  • 3 Bar blast overpressure protection
  • Multiple Seismic Events
  • 100% waterproof
  • Blast doors
  • Fully Protected against EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) and HEMP (High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse). Fiberglass shelters cannot offer EMP/HEMP protection, see more at the bottom of the page.
  • 100% rust resistance (zinc anodes)
  • The best military grade NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) air filtration system available in the world (Temet)
  • Integrated emergency escape hatch

I mean, just look at one of these things.  They look pretty damn awesome.  I might actually live in one myself.  Especially for those of you that know about my insane fear of windows.

They are developing these pods into full-size communities across the world, I have no idea if people have actually purchased them, but I would be willing to bet that a few have been purchased.  Also, the report that I saw also stated that Hardened Structures had been contracted to build arks, costing around $20 million dollars each for groups of very rich people.  These things can apparently survive at sea for like 5-10 years and can even submerge.  Pretty insane, right?

Now, why do I think this is such a brilliant idea?  Well how could you prove that your shelter did not work.  I mean, if you pay this company millions of dollars for a house or an ark, how do you know if it will survive any of these things?  I mean, if the end of the world does come and your house actually does not protect you, it is not like you can sue the guy.  If the end of the world does not come, you will never know if your house works that way.  This company does not claim the end of the world is coming.  So smart…

Personal Protection
Again, at first I thought this one was pretty ridiculous.  This lady started a company that offers basic survival skills and weapons training for the upcoming apocalypse.

They charge $250, which seems pretty steep.  I mean, how hard is it to go to a gun range and practice shooting.  Or buy some books about survival and going out camping?  Granted this stuff would cost money, but you can usually find a way around that stuff.

You can go around the site and see all sorts of interesting things.  I feel like she is taking advantage of people.  Then as I was looking at the founders page, I noticed something interesting.

” I want all to know how grateful I am, for all those seeking training from SafeorSorry.net… It is a very important to me that you learn and practice our training, as well as other training. I want everyone to be able to protect themselves, especially women, mothers and children…. If you feel you can NOT afford my course please email me personally ( r.peterson@safeorsorry.net) with your story and I will give you the course for free, no problem, no questions asked.”

So she is willing to offer the course for free to women who cannot afford it?  Yeah, that makes her a pretty decent person.  And to be honest, it is not like these are terrible skills to have.

Pet Service
This one is aimed at the Rapture folks, but I am sure there will be a similar thing focused at the 2012 folks.

If you go to the FAQ, you see that these people are atheists and that for $135, once the Rapture happens, they will pick up your pets and take care of them.  This one just cracks me up and like I said, I am sure they could retool this page or at least offer a 2012 End of the World deal.  Maybe people could upgrade their service for another $150 because obviously, if the world comes to an end and shit gets crazy, it will take a little more money for one of these care providers to reach your pet…

I need to think of my own smart business idea to scam these believers out of their hard-earned cash.

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