2012: The End is Here

As some of you are probably aware, this is pretty much the end of the world.  Yes, 2012 is here and with this year marks the end.  Obviously if you watch anything on television they have told you about all this stuff, right?

Anyways, throughout the year I plan on writing as much as I can about the idiocy of these people who believe in this crap.  I know, I should not give it any attention, but the way people misconstrue things to fit this idea cracks me up.  Neither here nor there though.

The sad thing about the whole 2012 thing is the way gullible people just buy into it.  This kid at work argued with me up and down about how it was going to happen because scientists said so on the History Channel.  He thinks it will be massive earthquakes and all of civilization will collapse.

I tried to explain to him that the Mayans did not really predict the end of the world, just the end of the cycle, like when your calendar runs out and you need a new one.  He did not get it.  Also, he thinks aliens are constantly attacking the planet, so he is more or less a moron.  But hey, at least he is stocking up on bottled water…

Here is another scary thought:  how many people are taking this sort of thing into consideration when they vote for president?  Maybe people think Mitt Romney looks like the kind of guy who could lead during the end of the world.