After Big Whiskey…

This is something new I plan on doing every so often.  I will take a movie and write about where they are nowadays.  No, not the actual actors, but the characters.  My blog, my idiotic ideas.

One of my all-time favorite movies.  I think most of you know the premise, well I was wondering what happened after that night at Greely’s Bar.  Time for some hard-hitting investigative journalism…or a bunch of made-up stuff.

William Munny
He moved his kids out to San Francisco, where they did very well in dried goods.  Whatever the hell that means.  He actually ran into Wyatt Earp in 1902.  Earp knew exactly who Munny was, but unfortunately, the two men were way too old to get into anything.  Earp just let Munny go and they spoke about the fates of a bunch of lawmen and villains they both knew.

Munny died in 1905, at the age of 92.  After that night in Big Whiskey, he never touched alcohol again and he never killed anyone again.

Schoefield Kid
He got those spectacles and never had to worry about not being able to see.  The funny thing was that with those glasses, he was actually a remarkable shot, but he became a devout Catholic and never even raised his hand against another man.

Remember Little Sue?  Well after everything happened, she left Big Whiskey and on her way east, she actually ran into the Schoefield Kid.  They traveled together and eventually got married.  They moved to Boston, where the Kid (going by Trevor Darrow) practiced law for nearly fifty years.

Trevor and Sue had three kids and lived happily ever after.

English Bob
Things did not go so well for English Bob.  After the beating he took from Little Bill, he decided to return to England.

Unfortunately, he was not well liked in England either.  In fact, the whole reason he was in America to begin with:  he was wanted for murder.  Yeah, he shot a guy in the back when he was 17 years old and fled to America.

Needless to say, someone recognized him and turned him over to Scotland Yard (it is rumored that the man who arrested him was Inspector Lestrade with help from someone in the private sector).  English Bob was then executed after a very quick trial.  The family of the murdered man was quite pleased.

Delilah Fitzgerald
The whore who was cut up.  She actually was inspired by the kind words of William Munny and decided to step-up and do something with her life.  With Little Bill dead, there was a void in the county’s power structure.

She decided to fill that void.  No, she did not become the new sheriff.  Instead she ran for mayor of Big Whiskey and actually won.  People feared that Munny would return if they went against her.  She was the first female mayor in Wyoming history.

She was also a major player in the Women’s Suffrage Movement.

Charley Hecker
He was the only deputy to survive Will’s rampage.  After the whole thing ended, he was the new sheriff of Big Whiskey.  Until the following election in November.

Oddly enough though, he won the election.  He did things differently than Little Bill.  He and newly elected mayor Delilah decided to outlaw prostitution, which helped reduce crime.  Also, it helped to reduce the population, since the 12 prostitutes decided to move elsewhere.

He died in a gunfight about eight years later.

W.W. Beauchamp
He continued his travels looking for folks to interview.  He made his way up to South Dakota and ended up finding a place that kept him frozen in time.  He was later thawed out and given a job at a warehouse.

William Munny Jr.
Will sent both of his children to school in San Francisco.  Will Jr. eventually went to school back east and received a degree from Yale.  He returned to San Francisco and took over his father’s business.  Within a few years he turned into the largest import/export companies on the west coast.

He eventually became the third richest man in America.  His company became one of the first multinational conglomerates.  He ended up having a falling out with some of his Skull & Bones friends and decided to stop giving money to Yale.

He helped fund a new school in the west coast:  Stanford.  That is why, to this day, the Stanford library is known as the Billy Munny Library.

One of the things he did purchase was a giant pig farm, where he visited once a year and rumor has it, delighted in watching those damned pigs get slaughtered…