Community Season 2

As some of you know (those of you that read this post), I am a fan of Community, but I am about a year behind.  I missed season one, so I got it for Christmas and well, you get the point.  Anyways, I finished season two the other day and I must say that it was also pretty damn awesome.  Fortunately, I was smart enough to DVR season three, so I can start watching ASAP.

The great thing about the show, I said this before, but I will say it again:  it can be many things all at once.  It can be hilarious, with traditional jokes, slapstick style humor, or insane situations.  It can also be pretty emotional when it wants to.  Here are some of my favorite moments:

-Abed delivering a baby in the background and then referencing it during Shirley’s delivery.
-The two-part paintball episode.  So much awesome stuff in that one.  Especially since Sawyer showed up as a badass paintball mercenary.
-The zombie plague and how it ended up with Chang sleeping with Shirley.
-The trampoline.  That was such a silly thing, yet it really helped cement the idea of Pierce as the villain for the rest of the season.  It seemed to me that this was the moment that we saw being excluded truly bothered him.
-The number of moments where we thought maybe Jeff and Annie might get together, but then it gets made fun of during the fake flashback episode.
-Troy’s 21st birthday, which ended up with Britta and Jeff realizing that they both were talking about the same bar.  Troy never orders a drink and ends up driving everyone home.
-Abed and Annie kissing, while Abed is in his Han Solo role.
-The Christmas special, which was kind of sad and yet very funny.
-The Valentine’s Day episode was pretty awesome.  Starting with the fight about the Barenaked Ladies, Troy and Abed going for the same girl (but instead of doing the typical sitcom thing, they do not compete over her), Britta trying to teach Annie about being homophobic (although, the lesbian turned out to be straight, who thought Britta was a lesbian), Pierce’s drug addiction, and Jeff eventually sending the group a very sweet text.  Pretty awesome.

There were more moments, but I cannot think of anything else.  I bet we can all agree though that Alison Brie is still hot…