Greatest Website Ever

Jason decided to give me the greatest thing ever.  Apparently there is some guy in Altoona, who sends out these crazy newsletters to people.  Jason gave me one and I discovered that the dude has the entire thing online.

I highly recommend you head over to his site and just read some of these things.  Okay, I know most of you will not, so allow me to point out my favorite parts.

 Over 2000 yrs ago wealthy Arabs began calling themselves Jews to gain entrance to all nations.  In the late 1800s they created The American Bar Association to take over our nation.  In 100 years they built our government & educational systems.  This letter tells you how the school systems sort out the profound followers with the least common sense who rise to the top, become attorneys, judges & others to pose as leaders while doing what the Arabs running the Bar tell them to do.  They make laws & police practice selective law enforcement to build The Kingdom of Hell on Earth.  We are being forced by law to practice Satanism; money worship / Judas Iscariotism, Judaism, the betrayal of all that is right for the money.  To recover we must change everything starting with taking out the trash that’s running a crime ring of espionage out of our courthouses. 

So, allow me to get this straight:  2000 years ago, wealthy Arabs started to call themselves Jews.  What did they do with the actual Jewish people?  I just cannot imagine what the plan was, since the Jewish people during that time were not all that popular/powerful.  Plus, they were having some of their own in-house fighting, some guy named Jesus was really trying to shake things up…

This evil group of Arabs came to America in the 1800s and they did something horrible.  They decided to help build our government and education system.  Seems like a pretty mean thing to do.

Satanism=money worship=Judas Iscariotism=Judaism….umm, what?  Something tells me this guy might be a little antisemitic.

There was a trial by jury, which I won because there was no case against me only lies put together to stop me from organizing the protection of American owned small businesses & their consumers. I lost $600,000.00 in law suits I’d filed against my attackers due to bad legal advice given to me by Skip Maddis & John Woodcock of the public defenders office. Since we know that the crime was Espionage for the Arabs involved who called themselves Jews, & treason for the Americans who helped; Judge Cambell, Skip Maddis, & John Woodcock because all the businesses I’d have protected are out of business or in other nations now, I’m owed the $600,000.00 plus damages for false arrest & false imprisonment, with 36 yrs of interest, you the people of the state of Pennsylvania owe me that. Since you know I’d use it on the recovery there’s no loss to you if I should get it. If I don’t get it I simply walk away while you pay my King.

He lost $600,000 in lawsuits?  And we owe him this money back, with damages and 36 years of interest?  I think I am going to have to agree with the evil Arabs (who call themselves Jews) and rule in favor of not giving this guy money.  I think he says that this trial happened in 1975.  How much would that come to nowadays?

Oh and the king he is referring to is his son.  He has plenty to say about his son.  I will not post that stuff though.   He claims his son has been sexually abused by the boy’s mother (which is not funny, if true), but I get the sense that everything this guy says is batshit crazy, like this:

Matthew was Kidnapped on May 2, 2000 when he was 3 months old by Blair County Sheriff’s Deputies, with the aid of State Police & the co-operation of the Freedom Township Police.  I haven’t seen him since October of 2010.  The court is currently holding him hostage as I refuse to practice Satanism in order to attain visitation & I think they’d throw me in jail & kill me to stop me from publishing this truth if I enter the courthouse.  Matt started learning to type when he was in 2nd grade.  He can type 90 words per minute.  He was typing a story every time he visited with me, he called it “The Case of them all”.  I chose to call our Recovery Project by the same name.  Judge Hiram Carpenter violated the law by signing an order May 1, 2000 giving Rebecca Fink legal & physical custody of Matt based on lies she wrote on a court document called a petition for emergency relief.  Judge Carpenter was just following orders he got from the Arab Bar Association, which was treason.  We should put him in jail for life & confiscate all wealth his family has acquired in Treason.  The same should be done to all who have served the enemy as described in this letter.

I honestly doubt this guy knows the meaning of treason.

Also, check out some of his karma stories.  Mostly about smoking pot and maybe sleeping with some lady.  I am not 100% sure.  Anyways, if you would like to kill some time and laugh hysterically at an idiot, then please check out his site.