Happy New Years!

Most of you assumed that I went out last night to celebrate the new year.  Actually, I stayed at home with Lindsey because she was not feeling well.  I know, I am an awesome boyfriend.

So, instead of being out at a bar, drinking too much and making a fool of myself, I was at home watching Archer and then Planet Earth.  Seriously, I could watch Planet Earth every time it comes on.  I am pretty sure it is the reason that HDTV was invented.

Something you may not know about me:  if something piques my curiosity,  then I will spend way too much time reading about it and then reading tons of other stuff as well.  Allow me to give you an example.  Last night on PE they mentioned the kodkod and showed this video of one.

I wanted to know more about the different kinds of small cats, so I went to wikipedia and started reading about the kodkod and other species.  The great thing about wikipedia (and yes, I realize that it is not always all that accurate) is that you can just keep clicking on things and at minute you are reading about kodkods and the next thing you know you are now reading about Hispania (I will give points to whoever can figure out how I got there…)

This is a picture of the margay, another tiny cat from South America.  These little cats are adorable, but the margay has a trait like the clouded leopard:  it can climb down trees and (if I understand this correctly) climb a tree upside down.

Seriously, I want one of these two cats as a pet.  And it has nothing to do with this Archer clip…