Hey, TV Shows are Back!

Now that the holidays are over and our lives are finally back to normal, television shows can resume (or premiere…or start a new season, whatever).  I will now tell you about everything I watched this week.

It has Hurley and Sam Neill.  Obviously I am going to check it out.  After the premiere, I can only say that I will need a few more episodes before I decide if I like it or not.  I mean, the story is pretty interesting, but will it take forever to receive answers?

Basically, all the inmates from Alcatraz disappeared (it was all covered up) and now they are starting to return.  Neill’s character (Hauser) is now hunting the convicts as they return, along with a hot cop and Hurley.  It seems that Hauser’s assistant was a doctor back then who did experiments on the prisoners and has not aged since…hmm.  Very weird.

There are some silly things though.  I mean, Rebecca Madsen (played by Sarah Jones, who was Polly Zobelle on Sons of Anarchy and the pregnant fugitive on Justified and is smoking hot) dresses in super-tight pants (I am not complaining), but would a cop really want to wear pants like that while working?  Especially when she constantly ends up chasing people?

Second, Hurley (I will not even bother looking up his character’s name) has a PhD in criminal justice and is some kind of expert on Alcatraz.  For some reason he is perfect to work as Madsen’s partner.  Even though Hauser seems to have spent his entire life studying and preparing for the moment these guys start returning.

Being Human
Seriously, why do I watch this show?  I might have to stop.  What happened?  Who honestly cares.  Hell, that show that came on after it was actually better (Lost Girl).

Now this is an awesome show.  Everything was pretty much perfect.  Without going into too much detail, let me tell you about the awesome stuff:
-Raylan pulling the table cloth on Fletcher Nix (who is an awesome villain and better be back at some point).  I knew Raylan would come up with something, but I did not imagine it would be that simple and then still shoot him in the arm.
-Boyd fighting Raylan in the U.S. Marshalls office, which seemed a little odd at first, but then you realize that Boyd is now locked up with Dicky Bennett.  I love when Boyd has a plan (he always has a plan).
-Ava hitting a dude with a frying pan.  Seriously, the funniest thing I have seen in like a month.

White Collar
Neil and Peter save Elizabeth and catch the bad guy.  The big thing that happened though was that Neil had to decide whether he wanted to stay in NYC or run away with the treasure.  Obviously, he chose staying in the city and continuing his job with Peter.

The thing that interested me though, was where did Neil learn to shoot like that?  Is there anything he is actually bad at?

Royal Pains
This is one that Lindsey and I enjoy watching together.  It is basically like House, but a tad more upbeat.  The season picks up where we ended last time, with Hank’s patient accidentally receiving the wrong medication from Divya (who was also working at the hospital without telling Hank).

Evan finally receives the General’s permission to marry his daughter, but then has it taken away when Evan stands up to him.  Naturally by the end things were pretty much resolved.  Also, Divya tells Hank that she gave the patient the wrong meds, which will probably cause Hank to not trust her.

Also, I am tired of the whole Jill/Hank story.  Get her to Uruguay already.  I think Hank should just go on a rampage banging his patients.  It seems like all of them end up being attractive women, who flirt with him.

Person of Interest
I expected a little more from this show.  I hope next season they shift gears a little bit and focus more on the machine.  I am more interested in watching Reese investigate Harold than each week’s victim (which ends up being about the same as an episode of Human Target).

Burt Reynolds and Archer together, yeah it was pretty much as awesome as expected.  There were so many funny parts, but my absolute favorite was the elevator joke.  A super-slow elevator and then a discussion about putting in a bat-pole.  

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