NFL Pick ‘Em: Playoff Version Week One

Even though my season of picks ended, I have decided to keep it up.  It is actually something fun to do.  I finished the regular season in 9th place, with a 123-123 record.

Cincinnati at Houston (-3):  Cincinnati
I have not decided if I am taking the underdog because I think it will be close or because I think the Bengals will pull it out.

Detroit at New Orleans (-10.5):  Detroit
I think New Orleans will win the game, but I think that it will be somewhat closer than ten points.  I think it comes down to a field goal.

Atlanta at New York (-3):  Atlanta
I just do not feel that confident in the Giants.  Sorry Gideon and James, but I think the Giants are going to lose.  Deal with it.

Pittsburgh (-8.5) at Denver:  Denver
I think the Steelers will win this one, but it will be low scoring and pretty close, probably 10-3 or something.

One thought on “NFL Pick ‘Em: Playoff Version Week One

  1. Josh,

    I’m going to post some picks also for fun.

    Cincinnati at Houston
    I like your pick of Cincy over Houston. Houston is pretty beat up and in the battle of rookie quarterbacks, i think the edge goes to Cincy. They have also played remarkable well in the games that I have gotten to see. This game is likely to be boring but close. A 17-13 win by Cincy.

    Detroit at New Orleans
    I think that New Orleans is going to wipe the floor with Detroit. Last week was a great example of Detroit’s inability to stop an offense outside of sacking the quarterback. They might have the second best pass rushing defensive lines in the NFL, but I don’t think they are really going to bother Brees that much. I think the score will be something like 38-17. New Orleans is going to give up lots of yards, but they are going to force some turnovers, so the game will look closer than the score indicates.

    Atlanta at New York.
    I disagree here, I think the Giants are going to win this game. I like their abilty to harass Matt Ryan in this matchup and I like the Manning-Cruz connection. This is my least confident pick, as I have not seen any full Falcons games around here… I think it is going to be close, the line seems about right to me. Maybe New York by 4, let’s say 24-20.

    Pittsburgh at Denver
    I agree, there is no way the Steelers lose. This matchup is awful for the Broncos. Their defense will slow down a hampered Steelers team, but the Steelers defense will destroy this offense. James Harrison, meet Tim Tebow. I see the score coming in 20-10, with the TD by Broncos being off a pick 6… which Tebow will get credit for.

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