NFL Pick ‘Em: Playoff Version Week Three

Last week I did a little better by going 2-2, which puts me at 3-5 for the playoffs.

Baltimore at New England (-7.0):  Baltimore
New England has pretty much been on fire since losing back-to-back games to the Steelers and Giants.  I honestly do not see them losing to the Ravens, but I think Baltimore will keep it pretty close.  Actually, if the Ravens can keep the Patriots from scoring over 24, I would say they have a pretty good shot at winning.

New York at San Francisco (-2.5):  New York
Last time these teams met, the 49ers won 27-20, which then caused the Giants to lose the next three games.  Seriously, did the Giants have the toughest schedule in the NFL this year?  This is who they played in a row:  New England, San Francisco, Philadelphia, New Orleans, and Green Bay.  I made the mistake of underestimating this team too many times, well now I am done.  GO GIANTS!

It looks like, if I am right, it could be a rematch of 2008 (remember, I still think the Patriots win the game against the Ravens), which would be a helluva lot better than a rematch of the Harbaugh Bowl.  It was bad enough having to put up with that crap during the regular season, can you imagine what we would have to endure for two weeks if it were the 49ers/Ravens?

Stupid shit like this…

I would rather spend the entire two weeks hearing about Tom Brady’s hair and how Eli Manning could be a better QB than Peyton if he wins that second ring.  I will take all of that shit over stupid jokes about it being a Civil War, Brother vs. Brother, a Family Thing, or any of the other idiotic things the media will shove down our throats.