NFL Pick ‘Em: Playoff Version Week Two (and a letter to Steelers fans)

Last week I went 1-3, Jason went 3-1.  Whatever, means nothing.

New Orleans (-3.5) at San Francisco:  New Orleans
I am not picking against them this week.  Sorry 49er fans, but the Saints are too hot right not.  Also, if this does turn into a high-scoring game, I cannot imagine Alex Smith not throwing one (or 12) interceptions.

Denver at New England (-13.5):  Denver
I am pretty sure I picked Denver a few weeks ago in this game and looked like an idiot, but this week…well I have a feeling.  I am actually rooting for Denver and Tebow this week because I really hate Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Houston at Baltimore (-7.5):  Houston
I think this game will probably be the closest one.  I cannot see the Ravens scoring enough points to actually win by eight.  It will probably be something like 9-3.  People keep doubting Tyler Yates…

New York at Green Bay (-7.5):  New York
Not at all believing that the Giants are going to beat the Packers because of the 2008 game.  I believe the Giants will cover the spread because Green Bay’s defense loves to give up points.  This one will probably end up like most Packers games:  42-38, but not at all close if you watch.

Now after the jump I want to address something that has been driving me crazy all week:

Dear Steelers Fans,
Just accept the fact that the Broncos won the game.  It was not the refs, injuries, the mob, or even God that caused Tebow to lead the Broncos against our beloved Steelers.  Seriously, this week I have heard all of these things blamed.

The refs did not cause Tebow to keep hoisting bombs and making Ike Taylor look silly.  Luckily, Ike took it like a man and said he played the worst game of his life.  It happens.

Every team deals with injuries, you cannot use that as an excuse.  The Texans beat Andy Dalton without their starting QB (and from what I can figure, most people consider Dalton to be a better quarterback than Tebow).

I have heard that the mob had a stake in the game and that is why Mike Tomlin would not kick a 67-yard field goal at the end of regulation.  Or maybe he did not want it to get blocked and then ran back for a touchdown.  Also, if you kick a field goal and it does not reach the goal post, the opposing team can try to catch it and run it back, right?  Or did I hallucinate that one?

There is no God, deal with it.

But, speaking of Tebow;  I know I have made fun of him in the past, but after that performance, I will not sit here and say that he is terrible and a joke.  He made the best pass defense in the NFL look pretty damn silly on Sunday.  I get that people hate the way the media has to talk about him every 12 seconds, but that is not his fault.  Hell, when you see him during interviews, he is a pretty humble and probably likeable guy (minus the religious bullshit, but I know plenty of people who think that stuff is true, so I will not hold that against them or him).

Honestly, if you are a parent, who would you rather your child emulate?  Tim Tebow or James Harrison?  Harrison is a scary linebacker, but one has to question whether or not he is all-together sane.

So anyways, just give the Broncos and Tebow their credit and watch this week’s playoffs and hope that the magical imaginary man in the sky can help them defeat someone that we can all agree to hate:  Tom Brady and the Hoodie.

Your friend,

3 thoughts on “NFL Pick ‘Em: Playoff Version Week Two (and a letter to Steelers fans)

  1. I thought so, I remember a few years ago (or weeks ago), a team attempting an extra long one and the defense put a player back in the endzone, just in case.

  2. Yea, the field goal issue is two-fold, as you were suggesting. First issue is the potential for a return, which Adam is correct on. Second is the potential for a block, which can also quickly turn into points. Plus, with the time left and a timeout, there was a possiblity that a blocked kick could be recovered with enough time for the Broncos to kick their own game-winning field goal.

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