Oscar Pool

I am little irritated that Yahoo does not have an Oscar pool that you can make into a private group.

So, if you want to compete against me this year, just head here.  The group name is Ngewo’s World and the password is joshcroyle.  Should be easy enough, right?  The winner will get my undying respect.


2 thoughts on “Oscar Pool

  1. This was a terrible year for movies. I don’t think any were good enough to crack my top 100, but my top 5 for the year were;
    The girl with the dragon tattoo
    Crazy stupid love
    Rise of the planet of the apes

    Worst was unquestionably the tree of life..

    Usually I make it my goal to see all the major Oscar movies each year, but I just can’t bring myself to pay a lot of money to see the artist, descendants, of war horse. Before 2/26 though I will see drive, money all, real steel, and the help. So we’ll see how they stack up. What is your fave this year?

    By the way I would have made my own post for this buy I doubt anyone heads over to the pancake anymore. Almost time for baseball predictions?

  2. I watched Drive the other night, I enjoyed it.

    I have not actually seen that many movies this year in the theater. I usually wait for them to be on HBO or rent them OnDemand.

    And yes, it is about time for baseball predictions. Give me a few days.

    Also, I am going to update this post with some enticement. That means prizes!

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