Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Lindsey and I went to see this the other night (she only fell asleep for like a minute, so proud of her!) and I must say that I was quite pleased with it.  All the good things about the first one were in this one.

I love the deduction process he uses during fight scenes.  I especially loved it at the end when he fought Professor Moriarty, when both characters are laying out the way the fight will go.

I feel like this plot (Professor Moriarty trying to start a massive world war) was the plot for League of Extraordinary Gentleman.  Any Holmes fans out there know if that was something Moriarty planned to do in the book?  From what I can tell that was never really what he was up to.

Also, I have one complaint:  the scene where Holmes tosses Mary out of the train.  I am pretty sure someone would be severely hurt if they got thrown out of a train into a body of water.  I guess that is not too bad though if that is my only complaint.

I recommend going to see it if you have not already done so.