2012: Idiot Gods

The newest season of Ancient Aliens decided to deal with the Mayan end of the world prophecy, or at least how they never really said that at all.  They had to dig very deep to find the one monument that might mention the end of the world.

Well the monument says that Bolon Yokte will be back that day and he was pretty much the god that was present during all of the other Mayan creation moments.  Or maybe it does not say that, I do not know, I am not a Mayan expert.  Anyways, the AAT folks have decided that Bolon Yokte must be the alien who will return.  And there evidence?  Aside from showing up during major creation events:  there is not much known about him.  Wow.  It truly is a scientific theory…

I honestly hope this Bolon Yokte is an alien and that he comes back.  Just look at him:

Dude has a mohawk and a chicken without a head.  Also, he has huge toenails.  Yep, this will be an awesome alien to hang out with…

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