I have a confession to make.  I lied to you.  Remember a long time ago when I said I quit smoking?  Well, it only really last about a month (if that really).  I kept buying a pack whenever I would go out drinking.  And then it just happened that I kept smoking.  I felt pretty crappy about it and I actually hid it (or at least tried to) from most of my family.  Sorry everyone.  I let you down.

Well, I have some good news.  No, this is not another I am going to quit smoking announcement.  I actually already quit.  My last cigar was back on 9 October 2011.  The day I wrote this post.  I went to work on the 10th and have not had one since.  Now before someone jumps on my nuts, yes, on a few occasions I have had a cigarette at a bar (not that many though).  See, the big thing I learned (I did this online quit smoking thing through work) was that you have to stay focused on quitting, you might slip up, but that is not cause to just give up.

The great thing has been that the last bunch of times I have went out for a beer, I have not really wanted to smoke (minus that night with Lindsey and Jason, where I got really drunk and tried to get one off the people as we were leaving, but Lindsey stopped me–yelled at me).  The biggest thing has been having Lindsey here to keep me motivated.  And maybe to reward me for going a month without one.  She bought me Thor on blu-ray after one month.

It has now been 114 days (I think my math is right) and I am quite proud of this achievement.  Unfortunately, I am not ready to stop there.  I have come to realize that I live an unhealthy lifestyle.  A few months ago I wanted to make changes, but I realized that I tried that before.  I was in the quitting smoking/working out/change diet phase.  Unfortunately, I failed at all of them.

Now that I am convinced that smoking is beat, I am moving on to phase two of my new plan:  quit drinking Mountain Dew.  Everyone tells me I will lose weight if I quit drinking it.  Some of you have no clue how much I drink in a single day.  It is a pretty scary sight.

My last Mountain Dew was on Sunday (30 January 2012).  I weighed myself today, I am at 187.6 pounds.  Yes, I am a fat bastard.  I plan on checking each and every Wednesday (Weigh-In Wednesday…how does that sound?) and let you folks know where I am weight-wise, and how I am doing so far without my favorite drink.  This is actually going to be harder than quitting smoking.  If I can do this, then it is time for phase three…

8 thoughts on “Cha-Cha-Changes

  1. I don’t know, dude. Think of the hit your snowboarding skill will take if you stop doing the Dew. You need to take a step back and ask yourself if it’s really worth it.

    To make you feel better about yourself, I haven’t weighed 187 since my junior year. Of high school. I think my head alone weighs that now.

    1. Haha, If I ever went snowboarding, I would definitely make sure I had some Dew and then kept saying that I was “totally stoked.” That is what I imagine snowboarding to be like.

      But, how tall are you?

    1. Is it something shiny? Or a cheeseburger? That always gets me.

      In all seriousness, congrats on quitting smoking and trying to stop the dew.

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