Justified: Devil You Know

This episode of Justified was supposed to be a simple one where Raylan tracks down two escaped fugitives.  Oddly though, this episode was anything, but simple.  In actuality, the escaped fugitives were Dicky and Dewey, the two biggest idiots on the show.

They are actually broken out by the guard and the prison doctor, the guard wants Dicky’s money.  Now, while all this is happening, Quarles makes an offer to Devil.  We never hear it out loud, but we all know what they want:  Boyd dead.

Naturally, Raylan pays a visit to Boyd to see if he knows where the fugitives are hiding.  Raylan reminds Boyd that he can keep better tabs on Dicky if he is in prison.  Anyways, in the end Raylan captures Dicky, who survived with some help from Mr. Limehouse.  He then learns that the good doctor has Dewey.  The doctor is about to take out Dewey’s kidney…

Favorite part of the episode?  Raylan hitting the prison guard with his car, and then seeing him get up and deciding to back into him.  Best way to avoid using a gun.  Also, telling him that his spleen could rupture was also pretty good.

The episode ends with Devil and Johnny confronting Boyd.  We all knew that Boyd would see it coming and that Johnny would not betray Boyd, but what made this great:  Boyd does not offer a choice or say a whole, he just shoots Devil and then asks him if he wants him to take the pain away.  He then puts the gun to his head, we hear Devil whimper and as the screen goes black, we hear the gunshot.

So, that sets up a few things for next week.  Dewey doing Deweyesque things, like robbing strip clubs or something.  He needs money, I think for his kidney.  Boyd versus Quarles.  Limehouse continuing to be a badass.  And Raylan in the center of it all.  I mean, if not for him, so much of this shit would not be happening.  Pretty crazy when you think about it.

And thanks to Warming Glow for this: