Laptop Update!

Guess what everyone?  This is my laptop, and I am about 94.8% sure that I fixed it myself.  Suck it Staples guy!  The more I read about the BSOD errors, the more I realized that I was missing something.  Then I remembered something:  whenever I would type certain things into Google, I would get redirected to another site:  Gimme Answers.

With all the stuff that I was reading, I kind of forgot about that.  Plus, I updated all my virus scan stuff (Norton).  I even dowloaded another two programs that could help remove registry errors and whatnot.  Needless to say, that stuff did not work (and I am pretty sure that stuff is a scam).

Anyways, I went on CNET and found a good anti-virus/malware program (should have went to CNET first)…after running it, I noticed something, the icon for blogger came back.  I was finally able to log in to my page.

So needless to say, I think my computer is fixed…and I am awesome.

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