NFL Pick ‘Em: Super Bowl Version

I was 2-0, which brings me to 5-5 for the playoffs, which means my total record for the year is 128-128.  I need to get the Super Bowl right to have a winning record.  Pretty crazy.

New York Giants vs. New England Patriots (-3.0):  Giants
I do not have a lot of reasoning behind this one.  It just seems to me that the Giants are going to win the game.  Plus, you should not come to me for in-depth analysis, go to ESPN or any other channel covering such things.

Instead though, let us look at some of the fun prop bets:

Coin Toss:  Heads

Kelly Clarkson Bets
-Will she forget words?–No
-Will she wear a jersey?–No
-How long to sing the anthem?–Under 1:34
-Show her bare belly?–Yes

Other People Mentions:
-Number of times Peyton Manning shown?–Over 3.5 (I would say five times)
-Number of times they show Giselle?–Over .5 (I would say at least two times)
-How many times will Andrew Luck be mentioned?–Over 1.0 (I say three times)

-Color of Gatorade on winning coach:  Blue (it’s a 10:1 long-shot)
-Super Bowl MVP Thank First?  God

And that is all I am doing, I will not even mention any of the stupid Madonna stuff.