TV Shows Were Good This Week

Royal Pains
This one started out like a typical episode, but then it ended with a bit of a twist.  Hank worries about Jack, who is still out with Jill.  There is a normal case and Divya ends up solving it.  Honestly, this could have been a boring episode, except for two things:

-Dr. Greene is quickly replacing Jill.  She and Hank flirt a little bit and I have a feeling she will be joining the team in a romantic way.  At least I hope so, I am sick of Jill.  And Nina is much cuter.

-All of a sudden, we find out that Jack died.  Yeah, the episode ends with Hank telling the group that Jack did not make it.  I really hope this leads Hank down a dark road.  Maybe he will become an alcoholic.  Oh wait, this is not House, Hank will most likely deal with it in his own way for a few episodes (probably two) and then we will never hear about Jack again.

Dewey running around trying to get money to pay the crazy nurse who cut out his kidneys.  Obviously, he is a moron and could not hit up anywhere that actually had plenty of cash.  Finally he becomes trapped in a convenience store’s closet and eventually Raylan has to talk him out.  Raylan points out that if he can piss, then he must be alright.  Dewey pisses and then responds:  “You mean I had four kidneys?”  What an idiot.

Raylan then walks into danger (in one of the dumbest things I have seen him do) and barely escapes.  He ends up shooting the flirty doctor.  One of these days he may need to take some backup with him.

The meeting between Quarles and Boyd was also pretty damn good.  Boyd knows that he is outmatched by Quarles operation, but he is not going to allow that to stop him.  His carpetbagger speech was fantastic.

The episode ends with Raylan walking into his kitchen and finding a letter.  I am guessing that Winona will be leaving him.  That is a damn shame.

The Walking Dead
It looks like we might be finally leaving the farm.  The shows has become very slow while we stay there and have to deal with all of the drama there.

At least the episode ended with something cool happening.  Rick goes from being a weak character, to the guy who quickly draws on two guys and shoots them both.  This is the Rick we all grew to love in the comics.

Honestly, if you did not watch it, you probably suck.  “Sullen wench!”

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