Weigh-In Wednesday

Last week when I started this, I weighed 187.6, today I way 180.8.  I have lost 6.8 pounds by just giving up Mountain Dew.  And yes, I have not had one.  I will be honest though, it is extremely difficult.

I have had worse withdrawals with this than with giving up smoking.  At work has been the hardest.  I go to grab a drink and my immediate reaction is to go for the soda, but then I stop myself and have water.

I posted the question on facebook, asking everyone what I could drink instead.  Apparently the only drink out there aside from soda is some form of tea.  I am not a huge tea fan.  I will keep searching though.

I knew this would not be easy, but seeing the results so quickly has helped encourage me.  I will keep this up.

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One thought on “Weigh-In Wednesday

  1. Working in a restaurant is tough and I too had a bad soda habit. Then my weight went up to 165 and forced me to either exercise or give up bad eating habits. So, I gave up soda and then later donuts, pretty much my two favorite things. Just with that I was down to 150 after about 2 years which is a good place. Recently I am trying to give up all trans fats which is anything with partially hydronated oils. It is tough because that means a lot of bagged or boxed foods are out, including lean pockets which I ate a lot of. All this is better than exercising though.. I only really drink water and alcohol now so I don’t have any suggestions for you. Giving up soda will be very difficult for a while especially if you drink it to wake up like coffee, but your body eventually adjusts.

    Anyway, fantasy baseball started today. What do you think about the pro leagues?

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