2012 Baseball Predictions

Who knew this would be such a popular topic that everyone would be asking me about it?  Okay, only Offord and Ryan asked me about it, but whatever.

NL East

The Phillies are still the best team in this division.  The biggest problem they have will be replacing Ryan Howard’s bat for the early part of the year.  Also, staying healthy is always a huge concern for them.  The Braves will be right on their heels all season, it will definitely be interesting.  The Marlins and Nationals are both just a step behind those two teams.  I could see them flipping for third place.  The Mets…well, they have Ike Davis.

Insane Division Pick:  Johan Santana wins 15 games this year and is in the running for Cy Young.

NL Central

Yes, the Cardinals lost Pujols, but they get Wainwright back and they signed Beltran.  They have plenty of questions though:  can Berkman play like he did last year?  Can Holliday continue to rake without Pujols in the lineup?  The Brewers lost Prince, but still have Braun for the entire year.  They will be pretty damn good.  The Reds made some moves and they could also contend for first place (this will be a close race).  The Pirates made plenty of huge moves (no they didn’t).  The Cubs and Astros…wow.

Insane Division Pick:  Berkman will get hurt and Matt Adams (from Philipsburg!) will be called up to the Big Show.

NL West

If the offense can put up some numbers, then the Giants should be able to win this division.  The Dodgers will be decent, Kemp and Kershaw?  They just need an owner to come in to excite the fan-base.  The Diamondbacks will not play like they did last season.  Ian Kennedy will not win 21 games.  The other two teams are there.

Insane Division Pick:  Trevor Cahill has more wins for the D-backs than Ian Kennedy.

NL Wildcard:  Braves defeat Brewers
NLDS:  Phillies defeat Giants, Braves defeat Cardinals
NLCS:  Phillies defeat Braves
NL MVP:  Matt Kemp, the dude will just continue where he left off.
NL Cy Young:  Roy Halladay, until he dies, he will be my nomination.
NL ROY:  Julio Teheran
Pirates Record:  77-85, I see them getting better, but only because the hitting gets better (especially Pedro).  If the pitching staff stays healthy, they should be able to hit this goal.

AL East
Red Sox
Blue Jays

Yes, the Yankees are still the cream of the crop.  The Red Sox will not collapse like they did last year, but they have plenty of question marks.  The Rays pitching staff should be good enough to keep them competitive all season.  The Blue Jays are good, but they have plenty of holes.  The Orioles…wow, they are going in a direction.

Insane Division Pick:  Michael Pineda goes 9-13 with a 5.23 ERA;Jesus Montero hits 35 HRs this year.

AL Central
White Sox

The Tigers should run away with this division.  As long as everyone stays healthy and Cabrera is not absolutely terrible at third base, they will be very good.  The rest of the division is pretty bad.  That is why I think the Royals could step up and finish in second place.  Granted, I do not think they will have a great record, but seriously, this division will be pretty bad.

Insane Division Pick:  Robin Ventura gets pissed during a Rangers game and charges Nolan Ryan.

AL West

I realize that the Angels signed CJ Wilson and Albert Pujols, but I think the Rangers still have a more complete team.  The only major question about the Rangers is how good will their relievers be and can Yu Darvish be a good replacement for Wilson.

Insane Division Pick:  Pujols has his worst season ever.  .275/29 HRs.  Actually, that would be insane.

AL Wildcard:  Angels defeat Red Sox
ALDS:  Angels defeat Yankees, Tigers defeat Rangers
ALCS:  Tigers defeat Rangers
World Series:  Phillies defeat Tigers, Verlander vs. Halladay.  Makes me hard just thinking about it.
AL MVP:  Prince Fielder
AL Cy Young:  Justin Verlander
AL ROY:  Jesus Montero (I predicted him last year too, eventually he will win this award).
Royals Record:  82-80.  They give hope to Pirates fans.

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  1. You need to change your insane AL East prediction…Montero is no longer in the that division. I hope to put up my predictions in the near future.

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