Ebay Salesman!

As I mentioned the other day, I have been selling comics on ebay (thanks Jason K. for the suggestion of selling them in small batches) and have actually sold a few and have a few others that have bids.  Let us have a look at some of these cool items.

First thing I ever sold was my collection of Warren Ellis comics from Avatar.  It included books like Doktor Sleepless, Anna Mercury, Gravel, Black Gas, Black Summer, Supergod, Captain Swing, No Hero, and Ignition City (and probably a few others).

Then the guy bought Fell issues 1-9 from me as well.  So my first two items were sold fairly quickly and  I was pumped about it.

It took a few more days before I sold my next item though.  It was my copy of John Milton’s Paradise Lost, and it was published in 1863.  I ended up selling it for $11.50, which some of you might think is extremely low.  However, I purchased the book for $.05, so I figure I made a huge profit.

Then a few weeks later someone purchased my collection of Red Sonja comics.  I realized that it takes time to sell this crap and you need to have patience.  I decided to sell more comics.

At this point, I have 61 auctions going at the moment.  The four that have bids are Crossed, Hellsing manga, Batman:  The Return of Bruce Wayne, and Trigun manga.  I have a bunch of people watching my Fables collection and a few other auctions.

Here are a few other things I am trying to sell as well:
All-Star Superman
All-Star Batman and Robin (The Goddamn Batman!)
Atom #20 (from the 1960s)
Batman:  Death of the Maidens
A bunch of different Batman comics
Civil War and Secret Invasion
Dawn:  Three Tiers
Ex Machina
Nike Pink Backpack (this is Lindsey’s)
Seven Soldiers
Superman:  Birthright
Y:  The Last Man

Anyways, if you are interested, looked for my stuff under ngewo99.

4 thoughts on “Ebay Salesman!

  1. What issues of Gravel did you have up? I love that book. I might have thrown a bid in. Did you make a decent amount for all those Ellis books?

  2. Gravel 0-21. And yeah, definitely a fantastic book. I wish Doktor Sleepless had been better. Supergod was just a little too weird. Sometimes Ellis tries to get too out there. To be honest, I did not really make money. But, since I was willing to just donate them to charity, anything I get is a positive (especially when I think about it from the point that the money I spent is gone and there is no real chance of getting it back, then anything I receive pretty much makes me happy.) So anyways, what I got was about 50% what I paid.

  3. I might break that old DC lot up into individual issues. Those are pretty decent books. If you’re patient, you might be better served putting them on 30-day Buy It Now listings.

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