Holy Crap, Time For a Life Update

Sorry everyone, it has been awhile since I have written anything.  So where the hell should I even start?  How about with what I have been up to…

Work and Life
I am on a ten day stretch.  Seriously, between working daylights and going to Pittsburgh on Tuesday for a Dale Carnegie class, I am pretty much exhausted.  The Dale Carnegie class is so much fun!  I love going to do work stuff on my day off.

After work, we have been going to dinner with our families pretty much every night.  Last night we went out with my mom, step-dad, brother, and his girlfriend.  It was great times.  Unfortunately, I am usually ready for bed when we get home.  Well, after I check ebay to see what else I have sold.  I am rocking that shit out.

My Car
I need to get the headlights fixed on my car.  I think the only thing I have left on them is the high-beams.  This has not been such a big deal since I have been working mornings.  When I head to work there are no cars on the road, so no one really minds.  On the way home it is daylight.

The few cars that I have seen on the road like to flash their lights at me to let me know my high-beams are on, and in some cases the cars I am passing get pissed and flash their high-beams at me or give me the middle finger.

Anyways, tonight I am driving home from Lindsey’s mom’s house and as I pass a car, he puts his high-beams on to be a dick.  He then follows me for a bit, then passes me and goes to give me the finger.  I decided to show him that I am not an asshole.  I flip my lights and just like that, I am driving in the dark.  I guess this must have clued the guy in to my dilemma.  Instead of the finger, he gave me the wave and slowed down so I could stay ahead of him.

I need to fix them because this crap is getting old.

Most of you have no clue how anal I am about ironing my clothes.  No joke.  I iron everything.  I will iron my jeans if they have one crease.  I was the only person on the floor of my dorm who had their ironing board out everyday.

When I moved into my apartment in State College, back in 2001, I went out and bought a very nice iron.  It probably cost me $50-$60.  I loved my iron.  This thing was absolutely perfect.  Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.

A few months ago it started to leak.  Then about a month ago, the soleplate black coating started to flake off and would burn into your clothes.  I decided it was time to throw it away and use Lindsey’s.  Not a wise decision.

Hers does not have a nonstick soleplate.  When I ironed one of my new red dress shirts, it burnt some of the red fabric onto the iron.  Now, sometimes when you iron things, red crap stains onto your clothes.  This shit pisses me off.

Sadly, I cannot find one like my old one.  The nicest ones I have seen were made by Rowenta.  Has anyone head of them before?  Also, the day we were looking at them my phone would not find them when I searched for irons.  I typed in “irons”, “iron reviews”, and a few other things.  Google just searched forever.  I thought maybe I had no service and tried to search something else, but it worked immediately.

I also learned more about irons than I ever wanted.  So basically, what I am asking is:  does anyone have any suggestions on irons?

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