The Walking Dead: RIP Shane

I knew it was coming.  I knew eventually they would have to kill Shane off.  It happened so fast in the comic, that it was actually amazing he was alive this long in the show.  I want to say that I enjoyed the show handled it.  I think if they went the comic route it would have been way too controversial.  Allow me to explain.

In the comic, Shane takes Rick out in the woods in order to shoot him.  Carl is the one to shoot Shane and afterwards, the book ends with Carl crying and Rick hugging him.  Carl then says “it is harder than shooting than the dead ones.”  Rick then tells him that “it always should be.”

This was the pivotal moment that defines Carl.  The kid has plenty of problems throughout the book.  Actually, for the most part he is cold and at times he scares Rick because he just does not seem to care when someone dies.

Unfortunately, parent groups would have had a fit if Carl was seen shooting Shane.  Instead, it is much more fitting to have Carl shoot Zombie-Shane.  Also, the group learns much later that someone who dies will still return to the dead.  This causes Rick to head back to where he buried Shane and finds Zombie-Shane and kill him.

Next week looks like it should be pretty good.  The farm will be invaded by zombies and hopefully this will force the group to abandon the area and search for some place new.

Oh, and did anyone else think the scene where Rick gives Carl the gun should probably be used as a Republican gun rights ad?  “Obama wants to take away your right to give your son a pistol to defend himself from zombies.”