The Walking Dead Season Finale

Before I begin, I just want to apologize to everyone for giving away Shane’s death in last weeks episode.  I normally do not put things in the title that give things away.  If I ruined the episode for anyone, I feel bad about that.  Although, it is funny to me that no one got pissed when I gave away Dale’s death the week before.  Okay, moving on…

The finale did a pretty good job of getting us off the farm.  The farm was a terrible place for the group to settle.  Definitely not secure and it amazes me that no one realized it.  Fortunately, a herd was able to come through and murder a few people and scatter the group.

They killed off a few minor characters, but nothing major.  Also, they went the ridiculous route and had everyone becoming top-shots.  I mean, obviously shooting zombies in the head from a moving car is pretty easy.  The group splits apart, but after a little they find each other.  Well everyone except for Andrea.

The group makes a huge deal about Rick withholding his knowledge that everyone carries the zombie-disease and that is why if someone dies they automatically turn.  I actually do not understand why they are so pissed about this.  It just seems like a convenient way for the writers to try and make Rick somewhat interesting.  Also, his little speech about the group not being a democracy was pretty stupid.  I hated the slow shot of each group member’s face to show their reaction to Rick’s announcement that he killed Shane.  Reminded me of something you would see in Family Guy, as they pan to each character, they then finish off by showing Boba Fett or something equally ridiculous.

So the beginning was great, the middle was awesome, then it started to drag about the last fifteen minutes.  Then the last few scenes saved it.  First, we find Andrea being chased by zombies and running out of ammo.  She stumbles and seems to be done, when a sword flashes and the zombies head pops off.  We see a cloaked individual leading two armless zombies in chains.

This will be Michonne, everyone’s favorite katana wielding zombie killing machine.  Trust me folks, you will like her.  Apparently they cast her this week as well.  She will be played by Danai Gurira from Treme.

After that, as Rick gives his speech about how he thinks there still is a place out there, the camera zooms out and we see that place is not so far away:  a prison.  This is where things become very interesting (although, I really hope they cast Tyreese for just one scene alone) and will help us find a great villain in the Governor.

3 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Season Finale

  1. Just watched this one at lunch today. I totally agree about Rick. Strange to be agreeing with you about a tv show. 😉

    What the hell is with the armless zombies? Sigh. No, don’t tell me. Just seems bizarre.

  2. Herschel had the best line of the series in this episode, and the actor delivered it so well. “I can’t profess to understand God’s plan. Christ promised the resurrection of the dead. I just thought he had something a little different in mind.”

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