Weekend Preview

Try not to be too jealous, but Lindsey and I have a three day weekend.  Before you ask, yes, we did sacrifice a few goats to Satan in order to make that happen.  The real question though:  what do we have planned?

We are heading to Pittsburgh with Imler, who just happened to pick up Gideon from the airport.  That is correct!  Gideon is making his way back to Pennsylvania.  Exciting times.  I expect fun times to be had by all.  Anyways, tonight we are going to the Pens game and then after that, who the hell knows.  You should probably get a hold of one of us to try and meet up.  Do it early though, most likely will not be sober for long.

Last time Gideon and I got together was a pretty awesome time.

I just hope I can find a cool balloon hat like that again…