Weigh-in Wednesday VI

This morning I weighed 181.4.  I cannot complain too much though since I ate a ton over the weekend.  On Saturday we went to The Melting Pot at Station Square.Holy crap the place was expensive, but it was worth it.
The place is a fondue joint.  I never had fondue before.  I like saying fondue.

The funny thing is that when we got the main entree, it was all raw.  Lindsey and I thought it was pretty crazy.
It came with chicken, shrimp, beef, and tuna.  We just tossed the shrimp in the pot and let it cook.  Apparently we were supposed to use our fondue fork and out one shrimp in the pot at a time.  Oh well…live and learn.
It was actually a great time and I recommend everyone trying it.

One thought on “Weigh-in Wednesday VI

  1. The Melting Pot is one of my favorite restaurants, but you’re right that it can get expensive. The best time to go is when they have the deals for 4-course meals for about $40. Personally, while the main course is good, I go for the cheese and chocolate.

    Regarding the cooking, the waitstaff is usually very detailed about how to cook everything.

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