Weigh-In Wednesday VII

Damn, I should have made this weigh-in Tuesday.  yesterday I was at 178.9.  This morning I was at 181.0.  I guess Tuesday would not work with the whole alliteration thing.  My stomach is starting to actually reduce in size.  Lindsey actually noticed it last night.  Pretty damn awesome if you ask me.

The real question is, what should I do with my weekly Wednesday post?  I guess this will be a place where I give my opinion on something.  Or whatever.  Obviously I will post my weight…

For Valentine’s Day, Lindsey bought me a subscription to two magazines:  Biblical Archaeology Review and Archaeology.  I used to have a subscription to BAR, but I dropped it once they only focused on the James Ossuary and was solely focused on trying to prove that the ossuary was real.  I have believed from the beginning that the ossuary was a fake, but that it was probably forged a long time ago.  Probably someone from the James camp trying to prove that he was Jesus’ brother.  That is neither here nor there though.

Well there is another ossuary out there, apparently the Jonah Ossuary is the new big find.  You can go to Robert Cargill’s blog to read more about it.  I am hoping that BAR does not hop onto this one as well.  This seems pretty clear if you read enough about the evidence.

So yeah, give these things a read.  Look into them.  Learn about stuff.  It can be fun.  I promise.