Fantasy Baseball Week Two

How does a guy without any hitting manage to win again?  Oh, dominant pitching.  Suck it Ryan!  I have no mission this year, but to make sure you do not win. 

My best player was Matt Kemp again.  The dude is ridiculous:  7 Runs/4 HRs/8 RBIs/.545 AVG/.615 OBP.  Yeah, he is pretty good.  Aside from him I only had one player hit over .300 for the week:  Mike Moustakas.  And then, I only had one guy hit over .250:  Alex Presley.  Yep, I have a great hitting team.

Pitching-wise, my team was led by a middle reliever.  Jonny Venters had 1 Win/6 Ks/3 Holds/0.00 ERA/1.36 WHIP.  My best starter was CJ Wilson, who is every bit as good as advertised.  He had 2 Wins/7 Ks/1.38 ERA/1.15 WHIP.  Ogando also had a good week, he had a save and three holds, but only four strikeouts.

I ended up picking up Ross Detwiler during the week.  Whenever Allen Craig comes off the DL, I will probably drop Gordon Beckham.  I am also thinking about getting rid of John Mayberry or David Murphy and picking up another starter.  Or maybe trading someone for a solid hitter.

Does anyone else feel like the hitting in the league is way down this year?  It could be too early to think about, but something worth looking into.

I am now 16-7-1 and in second place in my division (third place overall).  I take on Offord this week.  We always have a fun battle.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Week Two

  1. I got a message from Gideon personally guaranteeing that I will not win again this year. So, that means it will definitely not happen, right? Right?!! You’re worried….

    The hitting is down this year because the league is so diluted. You can always find half decent pitching, but good hitting, I mean GOOD hitting is very hard to come by, especially with a 16 team league. We will see what happens. I am starting to think that Outfield is going to be a very valuable position; Just to find an everyday guy for the full season seems to be difficult right now. I have a feeling trades are going to be up this year.

    I have to admit, so far, this league has turned out to be a little more fun than I initially thought. It has been much more of a challenge and has made me rethink my strategy. I usually pick it up by June, so I still have 6 weeks to tinker til I get it right.

  2. Ryan, I will not consider you out of it until you are actually defeated in the playoffs. If I remember correctly, it was three years ago that your team started off horribly then you came back to win the league.

    When I said about the league hitting, I really was meaning about MLB. But, you make a great point. In previous years, with only 10-12 teams, outfielders never seemed all that important. Everyone had at least two really good ones and one okay one. Plus there were always decent ones sitting on waivers. Not so much anymore.

    I have enjoyed it so far this year.

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