Game of Thrones: Garden of Bones

There was a ton of great stuff in this episode.  I will just break it down by character.  The best part about the whole season so far has been the subtle differences between the book.  Makes me happy that I will not know exactly what will happen.


-The beating and humiliation of Sansa was pretty cruel, but I liked how Tyrion dealt with the situation.  Ordering Bronn to kill Ser Meryn if he speaks again (“now that is threat, see the difference?”) was pretty hilarious.
-Getting the king laid seemed like a good idea, or at least it would be a good idea if Joffrey was not a crazy psycho.  Instead of banging whores, he forces one to beat the other.
-Everyone hates Joffrey, which is impressive that Jack Gleeson is a good enough actor to pull off such an annoying shit-head.

Robb Stark
He takes an interest in a certain nurse.  I have a feeling they are going a different route with this girl.  Honestly, I like where this could go.  Also, the dude that played Roose Bolton is creepy looking.  I look forward to meeting his bastard…

As I said, he was pretty awesome from the beginning.  He then continues being awesome by calling out his cousin for banging the queen.  He threatens to tell Joffrey, which just about causes Lancel to shit his pants.  That kid is such a pussy.  Oh, and we finally get to see the Grand Maester without his beard…

Seriously, her story just becomes more depressing each week.  I always feel like she is the character that gets shit on the most.  Hell, I mostly forgot about her stay at Harrenhal.  I was starting to squirm when they began to torture Gendry with the rat in a bucket.  If I remember correctly, being Tywin’s cup bearer is not a great job either.

They finally go somewhere.  Christ, I was starting to think they did not want to move her story along.  She brings her group to Qarth (which was nice hearing how to pronounce it).  Unfortunately, my DVR decided to glitch for a minute or two and I had no sound.  I have no clue what the one guy was saying.  I am looking forward to what will happen in Qarth.

Renly and Stannis
-Littlefinger brings back the bones of Ned, wants to trade Sansa/Arya for Jaime.
-Catelyn says that if the two kings were her sons she would smack their heads together until they remembered they were brothers.
-Stannis is pretty stupid.  He does not seem like the kind of guy who would want to be the king, instead he seems like he would want to be the man behind the king.  Why not just allow Renly to be king and control him?
-The birth of Melisandre’s shadow baby was much cooler than it was in the book.  Seriously, I thought it was pretty amazing looking.