Great Television Sunday

There was plenty of great stuff on TV yesterday.  Where should I start?

The Killing
I know that plenty of people did not like this show last year, but it was just good enough to keep me interested to watch it this season.  It turns out that Richmond did not murder Rosie.  In fact, Linden thinks the whole thing might be a huge frame job.

The best aspect of the premiere has been the way Holder seemed to be the bad guy.  It then turns out that he was duped just like Linden.  A great moment was him switching backpacks and then hearing the lieutenant say it contained Richmond’s prints.

I believe the conspiracy starts with the Mayor’s assistant, but how far does it go?  And what is the big secret that Rosie knew?  I am intrigued.

Mad Men
The second episode of the season was fantastic.  We see what Betty has been up to since we last saw her.  She has put on a few pounds.  It honestly could not happen to a nicer person.  Sorry, that was sarcasm.  I think I have mentioned before that I think she is a terrible mother/human.

We then got to see that she could have cancer.  The first person she calls is Don and all she wants to hear is him say “Birdie, everything is going to be alright.”  This causes Don to be worried about her for most of the episode.  It turns out that she does not have cancer and when Don calls to check on her, Henry answers the phone.  Henry informs Don that everything is fine, but as Henry hangs up, he is clearly pissed that Betty told him.

Another great storyline has been the Pete/Roger showdown.  Roger was able to convince Mohawk Airlines to come back (although Pete initiated the meeting).  Pete calls an office meeting and basically says that he did the work and that he is saving the company.  Roger is not pleased.

Peggy hires a new copywriter to do Mohawk’s weekly ads.  The dude is a little out there.  Roger tells Peggy that he has her back if Don does not like the hire.  Peggy is a little afraid that if this kid is too good, he could replace her (although, she does not say this, you can sense it).  Roger admits that he made a mistake hiring Pete and basically defending him when Don wanted rid of him.  Hmm, could we see Roger taking a more active role in the day-to-day operations?

Game of Thrones
I loved how they used the red comet as the segue to a new character.  What were some of my favorite moments?
-Robb talking to Jaime.  I love how Jaime tries to taunt him, but Robb gets the final taunt by bringing his direwolf into the cage and allowing Grey Wind to almost bite Jaime’s face.  Jaime shows no fear until that moment.
-I still love seeing little dragons.
-Tyrion’s arrival at the Small Council meeting.  This is the beginning of him being even more awesome.  Cersei does not seem to be pleased by this turn of events.
-Speaking of Cersei.  She slaps Joffrey, which almost causes him to snap.  He lets her know that if she ever does it again, she will die.
-Joffrey is still pretty damn crazy.  He wants to kill some drunken knight, but Sansa convinces him to make the knight his fool instead.
-Melisandre was cast perfectly.  The poisoned drink scene was pretty good, although, in the book it was much better because you get the Maester’s point of view and all his thoughts going into it.
-Joffrey sends the City Watch out to murder all of Robert’s bastard children.  The scene where Janos slits the babies throat was pretty hardcore.
-And then Cersei shows her power by threatening Little Finger.  He mocks her by saying that knowledge is power, she has her guards seize him and almost cut his throat.  She then has them release him.  She says “power is power.”  This is not something Little Finger will forget.

Obviously this episode was just a set-up for things to come.  It was still pretty awesome, but I cannot wait for the coming weeks.