I Like Suits

A few weekends ago Lindsey and I went to a wedding.  I got to wear a suit.  Have I ever told you folks how much I love wearing suits?  If I had my druthers I would wear a suit all the time.  Unfortunately, I only own two suits.

Actually, I have one suit and one suit jacket.  I used to have pants, but then I wore them to work one day and accidentally washed them.  They shrunk, so all I am left with is the jacket.  I really should go buy new pants for the jacket.  Whatever, that is neither here nor there.

So that is us at the wedding.  The shirt is a dark red with a black tie.  Here is another picture of me and the same suit with a different shirt:

That one was for Lindsey’s cousin’s daughter’s Christening.  Do not fear, my Weigh-In Wednesday will have something to do with family relationships…

I have another wedding to go to at the end of the summer and I would like to wear a different suit.  I might buy something more summery, I have been looking at some of them online, maybe a light gray…hmm, something to ponder.

One thought on “I Like Suits

  1. I’m definitely a suit guy as well. I try to wear them to as many random events as possible, since working in the construction industry (and usually in the field) I never get to wear anything for work. I have a tux as well that comes out for special occasions. And for not even close to special occasions.

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