Justified Finale

The season finale of Justified was pretty damn awesome.  The show found a perfect way to conclude things (seriously Sutter, pay attention!) and ended with a pretty sad moment.  Here is a quick recap of some of my favorite things.

-Quarles kidnapping a family.  I was actually nervous that he was going to start raping one of the kids.  Has there ever been a quicker descent of a villain as Quarles?  Not in a bad way, but he went from being this smart one-step ahead of everyone schemer, to a drug-addicted psychopath (yes, I realize those things were there from the beginning).

-Harlan Roulette with Winn Duffy.  I really thought Raylan might shoot him.  At least in the leg or something.  I hope Duffy is back next season.

-How much energy will Raylan expend next season to try and bring Limehouse down?

-I loved Raylan’s comment to Quarles about his hidden gun:  Cute.  Also, I love how Raylan never shows any fear in these situations.  Although, he did seem a bit shaken when he realized there were a bunch of men with guns behind him at Limehouse’s.

-Who hides money in a pig like that?  Why would you hide money there?  Still a pretty cool visual.  The best thing though was Limehouse cutting off Quarles arm.

 -Arlo admits to killing Tom (the state trooper) and to killing Devil.  That means that Boyd gets to go free.  The show ends with Raylan telling Winona the whole story.  She asks him why Art thought Raylan might be upset about Arlo.  Raylan says that he shot Tom because he saw a cop in a hat pointing a gun at Boyd.  The implication is that Arlo was hoping he shot Raylan.  That is pretty rough.

This season was definitely not a letdown from season two.  I hope they can continue the greatness next season.