Weigh-In Wednesday X

I realize today is Thursday, but yesterday was a crazy busy day.  I had a seminar all day then went out for dinner, then came home, watched the Pens game (well, I fell asleep for most of the third period).  Yesterday I weighed 178.4.

The other day I mentioned I would talk about family relationships.  One of the things that drives me crazy is when people call someone their second cousin.  Most of the time, those people are incorrect and that second cousin is actually a first cousin once removed.  Allow me to explain.  And thank you Pap Croyle for teaching me this when I was younger.

I have a cousin named Bill.  He has a son named Isaac.  Bill and I are first cousins, Isaac and I are first cousins once removed.  It seems pretty simple, but it can become confusing when you start getting into large families.  Allow me to give you another example.

My grandmother has a younger sister (my great aunt), she is not much older than my own dad, even though she is his aunt.  Her daughters are not much older than me, but they are not my first cousins.  We are first cousins once removed.  They and my dad are first cousins.  Now, their kids are my second cousins.  Does this make sense?  Here is a pretty easy chart you can use.