Fantasy Baseball Week Eight

Back on the winning side of things…barely.  I beat Imler 7-5.  It was a hard fought victory, since I was losing going into Sunday.  If one player on my team got another hit, I would have won average/OBP.  Hell, if one guy had walked one more time…

My best hitter was Giancarlo Stanton, who had 8 R/3 HR/10 RBI/1 SB/.370/.452.  A few other guys had nice weeks as well:  Michael Brantley, Buster Posey, Ian Kinsler, and Eric Hosmer (finally coming alive).

I also made a trade with Ryan:  Matt Kemp/Gio Gonzalez for Andre Ethier/Tommy Hanson/Jason Motte.  I realize that Kemp is probably going to be one of the top two players in fantasy this year, but I was getting killed in the saves department and I honestly do not believe that Gonzalez will continue pitching like he has been.

My best pitcher was C.J. Wilson again.  He had two wins, 12 Ks, 0.64 ERA/0.50 WHIP.  Bud Norris had 12 Ks in two starts as well.  I should probably pick up any crappy starter pitching against the Pirates because they will easily get 10 Ks each start.  I dropped Ross Detwiler and picked up Daniel Hudson, who had an okay first start back.

This week I take on Gideon, who is coming off a 10-0-2 thrashing of Dustin.  In fact, that dropped me from 4th to 5th place overall, but still in 2nd place behind Ryan in the division.  Ryan is starting to run away from everyone, he has 10 games on the second place person and 14 games on me.  Something needs to be done.