Fantasy Baseball Week Seven

UGH!!!  My team sucks.  Seriously.  How does a team only have a .227 AVG or a .298 OBP?  On a positive note, my team did have 60 Ks…terrible ERA/WHIP though.

None of my players actually did anything worthwhile.  That’s not true.  Matt Thornton had a win, a hold, and two strikeouts.  Yep, that is what I am going with.  I lost Allen Craig to injury, all my relievers sucked.  Damn.

At least I was able to make a trade for Jeremy Helickson/Aaron Hill for Ian Kinsler.  That should at least help me a little bit.  I have a few other trade options out there.  I really hope they go through.

I am in 4th place overall, with a record of 44-36-4.  This week I take on Jason and hopefully I can beat him down.

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