Game of Thrones: Blackwater

Holy crap this was a good episode!  I am glad they set the episode up the way they did.  Instead of jumping between different characters, the entire episode took place at King’s Landing.  Tyrion leading the men against Stannis and Cersei being her typical bitchy self towards Sansa.  All sorts of great stuff happened.

-I loved the way Bronn and The Hound sized each other up.  The Hound really thought he could take Bronn.  Then he sees him during the battle and realizes that Bronn is a true killer.  I only wish they would have done a better job showing that The Hound has a fear of fire since his brother burnt most of his face off.  Also, I liked Bronn in the books, but he is 23x better on the show.

-The best line of the night had to be from The Hound though “If any man dies with a clean sword, I will rape his corpse.”  Or maybe Tyrion’s motivational speech at the end.  “Those are brave men out there.  Let’s go kill them!”

-I loved how they ended Tyrion.  No one knows whether or not he is alive or dead (I have been reading different sites and the comments seem mixed by people who have not read the books).  Those of us who read the books, know the truth.

-Sansa’s decision making skills have not improved.  She started out by lying about what happened with Joffrey and Arya.  She then turns down The Hound, who says he will return her to Winterfell.  When will she learn?

-The wildfire scene was absolutely awesome.  I am sad they did not include the giant chain, but the fire worked much better.

-Joffrey loved watching people get burned, but then freaked out like the little bitch he is when he realized Stannis and his men were still going to take the city.  Instead of staying to rally his troops, he sends his guards to represent him in battle.  Robert would have been the first one down there, hell Jaime would have fought everyone himself, yet Joffrey runs away like a scared little girl.

-Speaking of Stannis…I do not remember him being so badass in the book.  He cut a dude’s head in half.  Also, he had to be pulled back when the battle was lost.

-Just when it seemed like all hope was lost, Tyrion was down, the gate was coming down.  In comes Loras Tyrell and Tywin Lannister to the rescue.  This is one of those things that was done better in the show.  We saw Littlefinger meet with Tywin and mention a wedding between Tyrell and Lannister, but it was never really mentioned if that would actually happen.  It was a little more spelled out in the book.

So, what will happen next week?  Most likely focus on the other characters and we will not learn about the fate of Tyrion and King’s Landing until next season.

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