House: The Final Episode

The last few seasons of House have not been all that good, and this season has been no different.  I only keep watching it because at times House does something that makes me laugh.  I was at least somewhat excited to see how they would end the series.  Sadly, it did not end very well.

They did another idiotic episode of House talking to his subconscious through different characters that are no longer on the show.  Similar to him being crazy and talking to Cut-Throat Bitch a few seasons ago.  Then it turns out that he is inside of a burning building.  He needs to decide whether he wants to live or die.

He decides to live, but as he tries to get out of the building, there is an explosion and Foreman and Wilson see the building explode, and House is dead.  It seems pretty sad, but then Wilson receives a text during his eulogy at the funeral and we all know that House is somehow alive.

The two of them ride motorcycles off into the sunset.  I guess Wilson will eventually die and House is now free to do whatever he wants.  Yep, it was pretty much that stupid.  After eight seasons, House never grew as a character.  There were moments when you thought he might, then things would go back to the way they were.  Whatever, I am glad the show is over.