Weigh-In Wednesday XIV

I weighed 176.8 today, which is pretty normal for me now.  I would still like to lose about ten more pounds.  I believe this is doable, I just need to make a few more adjustments.

Listening to sports radio can be really frustrating.  For about a week now, all I have heard is how the Pirates need to go out and trade for a bat.  Because that is the easiest thing to do.  I understand the frustration fans have with watching this team.  I would love to see some power-hitter in the lineup.  Unfortunately, who is out there that the Pirates can trade for?

Looking at a list of 2013 free agents does not look very promising.  Maybe the Buccos could trade James McDonald and Alex Presley for Curtis Granderson.  Or wait, how about Joel Hanrahan and Starling Marte for Andre Ethier.  Oh, you mean the Yankees and Dodgers might not go for that?  Weird.

I guess they could try to pry Kendrys Morales away from the Angels or maybe go after Matt Adams.  I wonder if Detroit would be willing to give up Brad Eldred (not that he would really be an upgrade since he never hits well in the majors).  Aside from some unproven AAA masher, there really are not many options.

One thought on “Weigh-In Wednesday XIV

  1. I couldn’t agree more on sports talk when it comes to the Pirates. I get so frustrated with the fiction that gets thrown around. “The Pirates need a power hitter so they should call up Matt Hague because he’s a power hitter.” People latched onto a name in training camp and now he’s a cure-all, even though he’s never hit for any significant power.

    Similar fiction with Yamaico Navarro and Josh Harrison. I always hear that Harrison should get more playing time and that Navarro should be sent down, even though the two of them have essentially been the same .500 OPS player so far this year. It’s just nonsense and it’s so frustrating to listen to. It would be a lot better if the hosts weren’t every bit as bad as their callers.

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