Weigh-In Wednesday XV

178.4.  Unfortunately that was when I woke up.  I probably weigh less now since I never ate anything today, minus a few potato chips at work.  And yes, I realize it is no longer Wednesday…leave me alone.

At the moment I have over fifty auctions going over at ebay.  Sadly, not too many of them have any bids.  The thing that drives me crazy is how so many people try to wait for the last minute to place a bid.  Usually the last day, I will get a few more bids and it always makes me laugh.

The earlier someone bids on it, the easier it is for me to package the comics and have them ready for shipping.  But no, everyone waits until the last second, which sometimes happens when I am sleeping and then it takes me a few days to ship them.  Honestly, these items do not have thousands of people trying to buy them.  If you are one of the few people in the country who wants to read the Crossgen comic series Way of the Rat, just bid on it early.  I doubt that there will be a mad rush of people out trying to scoop them up from you.

Also, I love when people send me a message to ask what kind of condition the comics are in.  I am not trying to get rich off my comics.  I just want rid of them to free up space and maybe make a little bit of money.  Most of the time I am selling them for about half of what I paid for them.  And if it is a larger collection, say fifty issues, I usually put the starting bid around $45.  That is less than $1 an issue and these people have the nerve to ask me the condition.  I always say the same thing:  I take care of them, but they were read.

Sorry, just wanted to rant a bit about ebay.  Carry on with your Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Weigh-In Wednesday XV

  1. Wanted to give ya quick tip for your weight loss if you were up for it…

    Try doing your cardio first thing in the morning. Like, right when you wake up. Don’t eat breakfast; maybe a glass of water; wait like 5-10 minutes and then get in your cardio with whatever it is you do…if you started on the cardio part of weight loss, I know you were taking baby steps starting with the diet and then moving on to the exercise.

    So, just a tid-bit for ya if you were interested.

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