Baltimore Night Life

The first day we went to the Inner Harbor, we caught the water taxi across the bay to Fell’s Point.  I highly recommend doing this.  The water taxi gave us a pack of coupons for the bars over there.  Each coupon offered something like buy one draft, get the next one free, or half price appetizers.

So, we walked around a bit checking out the shops, which were kind of cool, but also very hipstery.  Not really my type of thing.  Fortunately, the entire place seems like one of those areas where they try to keep out the big chain restaurants and stores.  Basically the opposite of the Inner Harbor.

The first place we went to was called Woody’s Rum Bar.  They had some fantastic pineapple barbeque wings.  I tried some local beer, which tasted terrible.  I decided to stick to Miller Lite.  Yep, I am classy.

The next place we went to was The DogWatch, which was a nice place.  We had a few beers and played some pool.  The cool thing about this place was that the pool table was free and they had some weird beer pong game.  We did not play, but I kind of want to play it with friends at some point.

We then made our way to the Greene Turtle, where we had a pretty good quesadilla and a few beers.  That place had skeeball, which is always a good time, even if Lindsey did kick my ass.  Unfortunately, the place had a funky smell like piss.  So we did not stick around much longer than our food.

In between these bars we went to a few different shops.  At one of the shops, some lady told us to head to Shuckers and try the Oyster’s Rockefeller.

We took her advice and gave the place a shot.  Good thing for us.  Oyster’s Rockefeller are amazing!  Plus, the bartender was pretty cool, he did not act like a jerk about our coupons.  Instead, he just took them and applied them to any drink we ordered.  So I was able to get another beer since I usually drink at a rate of 1.753 beers to Lindsey’s 1 beer.

After that we took the water taxi back to the Inner Harbor and went to this Irish bar called Tir Na Nog.  We had a few beers there and then caught a cab back to our hotel.

The next day we went around the Inner Harbor after going to the aquarium.  Unfortunately, none of our remaining coupons were for places there.  We had lunch at Bubba Gumps, then ate dinner at Uno’s Pizzeria.  We split stuff at both places and only had one drink each, yet we still spent almost as much money as we did at Fell’s Point.

After the game we went to Hard Rock Cafe and had a few drinks and some nachos.  It was fantastic.  We then took a cab back to the hotel.  Sadly enough, we were in bed both nights around midnight.  Yep, I am so cool.