Fantasy Baseball Week Nine

I lost to Gideon 8-4.  I am not all that upset though because his team has been on fire in recent weeks.  My team actually did a little better than usual, especially in some hitting categories.  This was the first week that I have lost the holds category, which is a bit shocking.  Although, I recently traded for more closers and have dropped a relief pitcher here and there.  May need to change that though.

I made some trades and picked up David Ortiz, Roy Halladay (yes, he is on the DL), Alfredo Aceves, Matt Adams (Philipsburg REPRESENT!!!), and Josh Johnson.  Actually some of that may have happened last week.  Whatever.  I also picked up Jerome Williams (pitcher for the Angels) and Brandon Phillips off the waiver wire.  Basically, I have changed a huge chunk of my team.

My best hitter for the week was a tossup between a few guys, but I have to give it to Eric Hosmer.  His line was 3 R/2 HR/4 RBI/1 SB/.318/.375.  Not bad for a guy who I was considering dropping if he did not pick it up.  Hopefully his early season struggles are over.

I did not have a great pitching week, as you can tell by my stats.  Hudson, Sabathia, Williams, Venters, Russell, and Johnson all picked up wins, but none of them were all that spectacular.  Nice to get wins from relievers, but I would rather Venters and Russell pick up the holds instead.  Would have tied that one.  Aceves did pick up two saves for me.  So that is a positive.

I have dropped in the standings to 7th overall (third in the division).  I have a record of 55-49-4.  Think those two holds would not make a difference?  My record would be 55-48-5 and that would put me in fifth place instead.  This week I take on Pat, who is just ahead of me in sixth place (tied for winning percentage, but tiebreaker must be division record).  I must win.

3 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Week Nine

  1. You’ve made some nice moves man. Your team is going to have a huge turn around in July. You’ll be moving up in no time. And ya! How about that Adams?! First guy ever from Slippery Rock to make it to the bigs and from your hometown?!

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