Fantasy Baseball Week Ten

This was a pretty up and down week for me.  I went into Sunday losing 5-4.  Pretty crazy turnaround.  The batting average and OBP are still low, but at least I am scoring more runs.  I honestly think this team will continue to improve.

Eric Hosmer was my best hitter again, .316/.391/3 R/3 RBI/2 SB/0 HR.  He was the only person to hit over .300.  After that some guys hit in the .260s, hell Andre Ethier hit .077, but he had 6 RBIs.  Back to Hosmer though, he has been playing the outfield during interleague play, so he should have that eligibility soon.  I can probably get rid of David Murphey and insert Matt Adams into the first base spot, or try to add another first baseman.

Scott Diamond was my best pitcher.  He had my only win and five strikeouts.  He gave up no runs and had a WHIP of 1.17.  I picked him up during the week.  Also, Josh Johnson had nine strikeouts and a 1.17 WHIP. 

My record is now 63-53-4, I am in fifth place overall and back to second place in the division.  I am only 13.5 games behind Ryan, who lost last week.  This week I take on Dave.