Fantasy Baseball Weeks Eleven and Twelve

Oh yeah, that was a pretty great week against Dave.  I gave him a beat down and it helped propel me up to third place.

David Murphy was pretty fantastic.  His line was 3 R/2 HR/6 RBI/1 SB/.529 AVG/.556 OBP.  I am always tempted to drop Murphy, but then he puts up numbers like these and I want to keep him for awhile longer.  I mean just look at his face!  How could I not want to keep him?

My pitching was okay.  It is funny to see my team getting saves now, but unfortunately the ERA is a bit high for me.  I guess I can live with that if it means winning the other categories.  My best pitchers were Jason Motte and Josh Johnson.

I almost lost.  I was down 7-5 Saturday night around 8:00 p.m., then when I checked it at midnight, we were tied.  Sunday, I took the lead and kept it.  Unfortunately, my players did not seem to be all that interested in playing well.

My best player was Mike Moustakas, but most of that comes from Sunday.  Ethier hit over .300, but it was not really substantial.  My relievers were great, but most of my starters sucked.  Sabathia and Johnson were the only starters to actually pitch well. 

After these two weeks I am in third place with a 81-58-5 record.  I am in second place in the division behind Ryan.  This week I take on Don, who I should be able to gain some more ground.