Green Lantern’s Gay

DC recently announced that Green Lantern would now be a homosexual in the New 52.  The funny thing about the entire situation is that this Green Lantern is Alan Scott, the original GL, from the Justice Society of America.  In the original books, his power had more to do with magic.

This was supposed to be a big deal.  However, this Green Lantern will be from a parallel universe.  I am guessing at some point they will meet the other universe and hijinks will ensue.  At first I thought they were going to say that Hal Jordan was going to be the one coming out of the closet as part of the whole reboot, but nope.

A few people have asked me if I will stop wearing my GL ring now.  The answer is no.  I wear the ring because I like it.  GL is not my favorite character, hell I do not read that much of his stuff.  And I do not really care if the character is gay, straight, or whatever.  Still wearing an awesome ring.