Mad Men: Commissions and Fees

I honestly thought they would play Lane’s embezzling story up a little bit more.  I figured that he would get a taste for how easy it was and continue to do it more and more.  Until at some point the firm is pretty much bankrupt and Lane is the reason for their destruction.

However, all it took was a question of how to receive payment from Jaguar.  Cooper does a little research and finds the check made out to Lane with Don’s signature.  He confronts Don, who then confronts Lane.

I loved how Lane went through every range of emotion and every kind of excuse for his actions.  He first tried to lie and say that Don obviously signed it.  Then he got pissed that Don would even suggest something like this.  He then tried to justify it by saying he was the least appreciated and that he sacrificed so much.

I thought that Don might give in when Lane started crying about how he would lose everything.  Then Don gives the speech about remaking himself (the hobo speech he received and a similar speech he gave to Peggy).  Lane leaves and I had two thoughts:  huge mistake on Don’s part, Lane will somehow go to Cooper and Roger and make it seem like Don is doing something shady (I think this is from watching Game of Thrones) or Lane would kill himself.

Then we get to see Lane go into depression and you knew exactly what was about to happen.  There were a few moments when I kept thinking he would pull out of it and decide to live.  The first moment was with the car and the way he was talking to his wife about how much he loved her.  Then, I thought when the car would not start that he would see this as some sort of cosmic sign.  The third moment was in the office, I thought for sure he would have some moment of clarity.  Unfortunately, he did not and he decided to hang himself.

He is found and it is very sad.  Don took it the hardest because he had a similar situation back in season one (I think it was with his half-brother, Adam).

Amidst all of this sad stuff though was a great meeting between Don and Dow Chemical.  He goes into the meeting and just gives them an idea:  that they should not be content with their current firm, they should always be hungry for more.  Also, Ken decides to move up into the big boy world by playing the type of game Pete Campbell would play.  He says that if Dow Chemical does come over he wants to be the one on it (the firm would have to force him, so his wife does not get angry) and that Pete is not allowed near it.

Also, Sally got her period.  I have read elsewhere how it was a cute moment how she ran back to her mother.  Yet, all I could think of was how much of a bitch Betty truly can be.  I mean, her daughter comes to her with this problem and all Betty can think of is how she can rub this into Megan.  Even her idiotic smile pissed me off…

The season is almost over, who knows what will transpire next week.