Post Office Irritation

As I continue to sell comics on ebay, I have had multiple dealings with the U.S. Postal Service.  I would normally not say anything negative about the post office (my grandfather is a postman), but I am irritated with a few things.

-Altoona Shipping Store:  This place is like a copy center/picture frame store, but they also have a post office inside.  I have had a few bad experiences there, but nothing angered me more than grabbing an envelope to mail some comics and the guy tell me that I had to purchase that from the store not the post office.

As I went over to purchase the envelope, the guy informed me that there was a $3.00 limit for credit cards.  A $3.00 limit?  What the fuck kind of policy is that?  I have heard of at least $5, but never $3.  Ugh, I had to buy a second envelope.  That really pissed me off.

-Summerhill Post Office:  I actually like this one, they are friendly and helpful.  Unfortunately, the internet never works there and therefore they cannot accept credit cards.  I never carry cash, so I end up having to go elsewhere.  This has happened four times, and I have pretty much quit going there.

-Ebensburg Post Office:  Not nearly as friendly.  Well, one of the ladies is nice, but the rest are pretty rude.  The last two times I have been there, the lady tells me that she has to run my card as debit because it is not signed.  My bank charges fifty cents if I use it as debit.  She then gets an attitude with me and says that it is the Post Office’s policy.  I would accept that, if that always happened, but she is the first person to ever even mention it to me.  My card says SEE ID because I feel that is safer than just signing my card.

Also, at least two of my packages were damaged in shipping (I now always purchase insurance) and I had to refund the buyer’s money.

I will give the post office one more chance, but if they piss me off again (yes I realize I could just start carrying cash), I will be taking my business to FedEx.