Sunday Television

What happened on a few shows from Sunday?

Mad Men
This was a pretty slow season finale, but still pretty good.  The highlight of the episode came at the end.  Don finally gave in to his wife and helped her get the part in the commercial.  As she begins filming, Don walks away from the stage into the darkness, he then goes to a bar where a girl approaches him.  The season ends with Don looking at the girl and not answering.

Does this mean the end of Don’s marriage?  Will he revert back to his old ways and bang anything that comes across his path?  Does that also mean that he will get his swagger back and most likely decide it is time to destroy Pete?  I hope so.

Other awesome moments:
-Roger calling Marie: Whats a Regina?  And then Roger back on LSD.
-Peggy looking out the window of her hotel to see two dogs humping.
-Pete getting his ass kicked, not once, but twice.  Also, when will Trudie learn that he is a complete shitbag?

I am excited to see where next season goes.  The firm is growing, so the whole uncertainty of their future will be over.  The old Don is back (he drinks Old Fashion’ds again).  And Roger is still awesome.

True Blood
The season premiere was pretty much less than stellar.  Nothing pissed me off more than the ending when Tara came back as a vampire.  I was so happy with her being dead and gone.  I hope she at least gets killed by Eric because she is some kind of zombie-vampire.

Speaking of Eric…at least he is back to being his old self.  And I really hope the whole “fuck Sookie” attitude lasts.  Oh and we finally get to meet the Authority.  Maybe get a glimpse of the whole vampire hierarchy.

Other than that, there was nothing else even worth mentioning.  Jason’s story was slightly funny, but if he is pining after Jessica all season, then it will probably be pretty weak.

I will keep watching though, just because I love to see how far off the rails it can go.

You know what I would rather watch than True Blood?  This 15-second clip of Breaking Bad.